Farsi Courses for Foreign Students

Farsi Courses for Foreign Students

Short and long term courses in Farsi for foreign students are held at Shomal University.  Courses start from 2 week courses to 5 month courses and cater to all levels of Farsi from beginner to advanced.

These courses are aimed at:

Students  learning Farsi as a second language.  The courses provide an excellent opportunity for achieving a greater understanding of the Farsi language and culture at first hand and enhance the whole university experience.

diplomats  and their staff who are planning a long term stay in Iran.  As well as an introduction to the culture and lifestyle of Iran the courses will provide a solid background in aiding their ability to communicate in social and formal situations.

business  people from other countries visiting Iran for short or long term periods who need a knowledge of Farsi to aid communication in their work

families  who have recently moved from another country to Iran and have little or no knowledge of Farsi.  These courses prepare the student to be able to face every day aspects of life such as shopping, eating in a restaurant, a visit to the doctor etc…

As well as the 18 hours of formal classroom studies per week, integrated activities with our Iranian native students are held.  These activities include discussion groups, shopping excursions, sporting activities and tours of local places of interest.

Where possible concepts taught in the classroom will be followed up by real life situations such as a visit to the doctor or the shops etc …


Shomal University is located in Mazanderan province, in the north of Iran and just 5 kilometers south-west of the city of Amol, three and a half hours away from Tehran.  It is idyllically situated on a forest hill overlooking the Haroz River between the Alborz Mountains, acres of rice fields and the Caspian Sea in a cleared forested area with excellent facilities and constructions.  It is a suitable distance away from Amol City and is endowed with an amiable, appealing and charming atmosphere.  Its unique graphical location has turned Shomal University into the most out sought and beautiful institution of higher education in Iran.



Omid Titidezh